Please note: unless stated otherwise, all workshops run during all four of the workshop sessions. The scheduling of papers during the workshop sessions is decided by the workshop directors.

Thursday June 1

Time Activity Location
11.00-17.00 On-site registration Entrance Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FSW) (Wassenaarseweg 52)
11.00-12.00 Meeting NKWP executive board 1A27
12.00-13.00 Lunch Central hall FSW
12.00-12.45 Meeting NKWP members 1A27
11.00-13.00 Meeting VPW members 1A01
13.00-14.30 Workshop session 1 Various rooms
14.30-15.00 Coffee/ tea break Central hall FSW
15.00-16.30 Workshop session 2 Various rooms
17.00-17.30 Welcome reception Scheltema (Marksteeg 1)
17.30-19.15 Plenary session Scheltema
19.15-22.00 Dinner Scheltema

Friday June 2

8.30-9.00 On-site registration Entrance Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FSW, Wassenaarseweg 52)
9.00-10.30 Workshop session 3 Various rooms
10.30-11.00 Coffee/ tea break Central hall
11.00-12.30 Workshop session 4 Various rooms
12.30-13.30 Lunch Central hall

Workshop rooms

S = basement; 1 = first floor; 5 = fifth floor; A = left side of the building; B = right side of the building

Workshop title Location Thursday and Friday
1.       Waar maakt de overheid het verschil? Over effectiviteit van het beleid.  1a33
2.       Local politics in a turbulent world  1a37
3.       “The times they are a-changin’”: the internal organization of political parties in times of political and electoral change  1a11
4.       Representing the public? Studying links between advocates, public opinion and political outcomes  1a15
5.       Eroding support for democracy? The sources and presumed saviors of (declining?) Political support  SA29
6.       Text in politics  Thursday: 1A22
Friday: 1A22 & 1A24
7.       Advances in political psychology: intergroup relations and social attitudes  SA31
8.       Managing transboundary crises in the EU  5b16
9.       Rethinking economic democracy  SA23
10.   Perspectives on political socialization and citizenship education in the 21st century  SA21
11.   Order and violence in civil war
12.   Domestic politics and international conflict
13.   History and theory of international relations