Call for Papers

Paper Submission Guidelines

  • If you are interested in presenting a paper at one of the workshops, please send your proposal directly to the workshop organizers indicated in the workshop description (see below).
  • The deadline for paper proposals is March 27, 2020. Deadline extended until May 1, 2020!
  • Proposals should include author names, affiliation(s), contact e-mail, and abstract (max. 250 words).
  • You will hear from the workshop coordinators whether your proposal is accepted after May 1, 2020. Due to the extended deadline, this date has been moved up as well.
  • It is also possible to participate without presenting a paper. In that case, you do not need to contact the workshop coordinators and you can register for the conference directly.

List of Workshops

A detailed list with workshop descriptions can be accessed as a PDF document or on the workshops page.

Workshop title


1 Academic freedom in the age of neoliberal authoritarianism Van der Vleuten, Anna (Radboud University)
Eimer, Thomas, (Radboud University)
2 Advances in Political Psychology Sanne van Oosten (University of Amsterdam)
Lala Muradova (University of Leuven)
Martin Rosema (University of Twente)
3 Allies across Oceans: “Stranger Together” Jordan Becker (VUB/U.S. Army)
4 Brede welvaart als richtsnoer: de kwaliteit van leven als maatschappelijke doelstelling Dries Verlet (Statistiek Vlaanderen)

Frank Bongers (Dialogic)

5 Citizen involvement in political decision-making Lisa van Dijk (KU Leuven)
Ramon van der Does (UC Louvain)
6 Continuity and Change in European (Dis)Integration Gijs Jan Brandsma (Utrecht University & University of Konstanz)
Markus Haverland, (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam)In collaboration with:Daniel Polman and Indra Römgens (Radboud U.)
7 Democratic values, social inequalities and/in political socialization Paula Thijs (University of Amsterdam)
Ellen Claes (KU Leuven)
8 Effects of Electoral Systems Alexander Verdoes (Bergen University)

Arjan Schakel (Bergen University)

9 Global Challenges and Global Crises in the 21st Century: Revisiting IPE perspectives? Nana de Graaff (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Adam Dixon (Maastricht University)
Ferdi De Ville (Ghent University)
10 Global Order in Crisis? Exploring Contestations of International Organizations and Liberal Norms Maria J. Debre (Maastricht University)

Daniëlle Flonk (Hertie School of Governance)

11 Lokale politiek in een nieuw decennium Peter Castenmiller (PBLQ / Universiteit Leiden)
Herwig Reynaert (Universiteit Gent)
12 New Parties, New Divides, Mainstream Reactions and Their Effects Laura Jacobs (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Patrick van Erkel (Universiteit Antwerpen)
Joost van Spanje (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
13 NGOs in crisis mode: Making tough choices in times of pressure Jutta Joachim (Radboud University)
Sandra Resodihardjo (Radboud University)
14 Political Communication Ine Goovaerts (KU Leuven)
Emma Turkenburg (KU Leuven)
15 Political Socialization in Everyday Life Agnes Akkerman (Radboud University)
Bram Geurkink (Radboud University)
Katerina Manevska (Radboud University)
16 Technology and Politics: Agency, Effects and the International Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn (University of Groningen)
Raluca Csernatoni (VUB)
Marijn Hoijtink (VU Amsterdam)