Please note: all workshops run during all four of the workshop sessions (except workshop 8 (only Thursday) and workshops 17 and 18 (only Friday)). The scheduling of papers during the workshop sessions is decided by the workshop directors.

Thursday June 7

Time Activity Location
10.30-17.00 On-site registration Entrance Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FSW) (Wassenaarseweg 52)
11.00-12.00 Meeting NKWP executive board 1A27
12.00-12.45 Meeting NKWP members 1A27
11.00-13.00 Meeting VPW members 1A37
12.00-13.00 Lunch Central hall
13.00-14.30 Workshop session 1 Various rooms, see below
14.30-15.00 Coffee/ tea break Central hall
15.00-16.30 Workshop session 2 Various rooms
17.00-17.30 Welcome reception Scheltema (Marktsteeg 1)
17.30-19.15 Plenary session

Award of Daniël Heinsiusprijs and Jaarprijs Politicologie for best Master’s thesis and best Doctoral dissertation in political science

Keynote lecture by Cas Mudde

19.15-22.00 Dinner Scheltema

Friday June 8

8.30-9.00 On-site registration Entrance Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FSW, Wassenaarseweg 52)
9.00-10.30 Workshop session 3 Various rooms
10.30-11.00 Coffee/ tea break Central hall
11.00-12.30 Workshop session 4 Various rooms
12.30-13.30 Lunch Central hall

 Workshop rooms

Workshop Room
1 Verkiezingen op het lokale vlak 1A15
2 Populism is here! So what? 5A41
3 Recent election campaigns: explaining and predicting turnout and party choice 5A37
4 Democratic Legitimacy: Connecting the Pieces of the Puzzle 1A22
5 The quality of representative democracy: revisiting ‘old’ standards, exploring new horizons 1A37 (Thursday 15-16.30: 1A33)
6 Governing the political future of the European Union 1A24
7 The black box of international conflicts. Individual-level, domestic level, and multi-level perspectives 1A12
8 New Approaches in Conflict and State-building Research Thu only: 5B16
9 Political protest and social movements 5B14
10 Politieke communicatie Thu & Fri: 5A23

Fri 9-11: 5A29

11 Post-democratic capitalism SA21
12 Lobbying in context: The organization and policy engagement of societal interests across time and space SA23
13 Advances in Political Psychology 1A11
14 The political socialization of young people: Comparative questions and a discussion on the future and of socialization. SA29
15 Coping with Terror: Building Resilience Against the Impact of Terrorism on Social Cohesion SA31
16 Urban Politics 1A03
17 Waarom statistieken niet per definitie indicatoren zijn. Op naar een onafhankelijke statistiekproductie en –coördinatie binnen de overheid. Fri only: 1A21
18 Advances in political science methodology – social profiling, micro-targeting and the use of Big Data Fri only: 1A33