The Politicologenetmaal 2018 is expected to host 18 workshops, representing almost all subdisciplines in political science. Most workshops are in English and some are in Dutch.

List of workshops

1 | Verkiezingen op het lokale vlak
2 | Populism is here! So what?
3 | Recent election campaigns: explaining and predicting turnout and party choice
4 | Democratic legitimacy: connecting the pieces of the puzzle
5 | The quality of representative democracy: revisiting ‘old’ standards, exploring new horizons
6 | Governing the political future of the european union
7 | The black box of international conflicts. Individual-level, domestic level, and multi-level perspectives
8 | New approaches in conflict and statebuilding research (only on Thursday)
9 | Political protest and social movements
10 | Political communication
11 | Post-democratic capitalism
12 | Lobbying in context: the organization and policy engagement of societal interests across time and space
13 | Advances in political psychology
14 | The political socialization of young people: comparative questions and a discussion on the future and of socialization
15 | Coping with terror: building resilience against the impact of terrorism on social cohesion
16 | Urban politics
17 | Waarom statistieken niet per definitie indicatoren zijn. Op naar een onafhankelijke statistiekproductie en –coördinatie binnen de overheid (only on Friday)
18 | Advances in political science methodology – social profiling, micro-targeting and the use of big data (only on Friday)

A description of each workshop and contact details for the workshop organizers are available in the Call for Papers 2018.