The Politicologenetmaal 2019 hosts 14 workshops, representing almost all subdisciplines in political science. Most workshops are in English and some are in Dutch.

The conference follows a workshop format, where participants take part in the same workshop over the duration of the conference. Therefore, the organisation of the academic programme is in the hands of the workshop directors. A specific programme with paper titles is therefore not available here.  A description of each workshop and contact details for the workshop organizers are available in the Call for Papers 2019.

List of workshops


Workshop titleRoom nameAddress
1. After the municipal elections; ‘Business as usual?’K.101K-building, Kleine Kauwenberg 14
2. Alliance Management in the 21st Century: Strategy, Political Economy, and Defense PlanningPieter Gilliszaal Hof van Liere, Prinsstraat 13b
3. EU meets politics: parties, voters and elections in a European multilevel systemNoordergangHof van Liere, Prinsstraat 13
4. Intra-party competition and the personalization of politicsNileGrauwzusters, Lange Sint-Annastraat 7
5. Continuity and Change in European (Dis)IntegrationW. ElsschotzaalHof van Liere, Prinsstraat 13b
6. Good bye, anarchy? Internet politics in the 21st centuryT. GreshamzaalHof van Liere, Prinsstraat 13b
7. Organized interests and the public interest: an imperfect relationship?D.019D-building, Grote Kauwenberg 30
8. Understanding foreign policy: the interplay between domestic and international politics.S.002Grauwzusters, Lange Sint-Annastraat 7
9. International Political Economy in the Low Countries – State of the Debate, Synergies and Future DirectionsK.203K-building, Kleine Kauwenberg 14
10. Between support and resistance: equality at a crossroadsScaldiszaalHof van Liere, Prinsstraat 13
11. The socialization and development of key liberal democratic valuesPrentenkabinetHof van Liere, Prinsstraat 13
12. Informatie en beleid: op welke informatie baseert men zich voor het beleid?K.103K-building, Kleine Kauwenberg 14
13. Electoral changeK.102K-building, Kleine Kauwenberg 14
14. Political Theory TodayS.004Grauwzusters, Lange Sint-Annastraat 7

Download the call for papers for detailed workshop descriptions.

Locations of the coffee/tea breaks

For workshops that take place in Hof van Liere and the D-building, coffee and tea are served in the F. de Tassiszaal.

For workshops that take place in Grauwzusters, coffee and tea are served downstairs in the (beautiful) basement (-1).

For workshops that take place in the K-building, coffee and tea are served in the main hall of the K-building.